Monday, March 6, 2017

ides of march

months passed, and he did not continue to write on his blog as he always thought he would
time passes, routines change, different priorities take weight

i wonder why it is that i stopped writing on my blogs.
what was it that brought me here, on a seemingly endless quest to contemplate life
maybe it was the thinking of life that drove me away

a lot of times i regret deleting my old blog. there were a lot of memories there;
snapshots of another time that i can't really go back to anymore

in a way it feels like i'm moving on with my life,
but to what extent does moving on require leaving a past version of yourself?

i tell myself, 'yeah, time passes, and i am moving on with my life'
but where am i going?

it's kind of funny though, i always enjoyed reading through my past and seeing it through new eyes
now all i've got is the idea of what i once was

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