Monday, July 4, 2016


Today I was editing some pictures I took, found this picture, and thought this orangutan looked like batman, watching over Gotham.  
the ending speech of the dark knight came to mind 

went ahead to watch the ending scene of the dark knight, because instant gratification(?)

check it, because it reminded me of what i always thought made batman great, his moral compass leading him on his destructive path towards justice.
great scene.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

broken mirrors and broken promises

hello, my wastebasket of emotion

days have gone with little to show for
how much can one grow?
days have gone where i used to seek more
but how much can you really know?

broken mirrors and broken promises

walking through the desert

hello, my dear, forgotten soul.

the world is a dirty place, waste drifting in and out
it's hard to know what it is, easy to forget what it's about
but along your travels, one day you'll see,
far in the distance, that glorious tree.

a silhouette in the void, the void of man
that familiar feeling, that pain again
though you know it true, you still come close
that familiar feeling, that kiss from a rose